Park City Pest Control Can Protect Your Pets From Pests

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Bugs dont just effect us humans but they aslo can effect the lives of our pets. Some pests thrive by latching anto your pets and some can just bite or sting them. There are many pests that can cause cats and dogs to become ill if they try to mistakle them for a snack. Scheduling a professional park city pest control to come and clean up the pests from your home is a must to keep your fury friends healthy. 

Bugs That Can Effect Your Pets


Its very important tha you check your pets fur frequently to make sure no ticks have latched anto them. Ticks can attach to your pets if your pets play outside in the grass or if you have been in the woods with your pet.  If you come across a tick on your pet the you should immediately remove it with a tweezer. If a tick stays in your pet for to long it may cause tick paralysis. Symptoms include change of barking, breathing, and vomiting. This also can lead to death. Ticks also carry Lyme disese and that can be transferred to humans and pets. 


Mosquietoes can pass on numerous diseses to humans but they can also pass heartworn to our pets. There isnt any way to know if a mosquito is carrying heartworm. If your pets contract heartworm and if its left untreated it can lead to death withiin months. There are parasite control products that can help reduce the risk of your pet catching heartworm. 


The US is a home to two types of spiders, there are poisonous and none poisonous. The black widow and brown recluse are very poisonues to humans and pets. The bite of a spider can take up to few days to show symptoms. Some symptoms can include itching, fever, weakness and rashes. If a bite of a poisons spider is left untreated it can lead to deep tissue damage or amputation. If your pets gets bitten by a spiders it is important to make sure your pet doesnt lick the wound because it can make it even worse. 

If any bites, stings or ingestion happens to your pet you should immediately take them to a vet. A vetrenanrian will know what to exactly do to help your pet to survive and be healthy. If you have concers about pests in your home then you should immediately schedule for a professional park city pest control exterminator to come to your home. Exterminators can safely spray chemicals in your home and outside of your home to get rid of pests. You should never ignore any pests if you see them roaming around, even if its just one. That can mean the rest could be hiding somewhere and sooner or later they will come out of hiding. You should also not hesitate to get professional help. Dont try to get rid of pests on your own, it can lead to health risks of chemicals arent used properly.